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Jumat, 15 Januari 2016

Lake Cibeureum

Lake Cibeureum
Tourist attractions in Bekasi has become a favorite location for cyclists around the community . On weekends , the area of ​​Lake Cibeureum be crowded visited by cyclists from all over Bekasi . Their usual food stalls clustered around the lake.
2-hectare lake has an island overgrown kecildi middle of a large tree . The island in the middle of the lake is a favorite object of the visitors . Besides hunting , you can also put up a tent or roll out a mat for a picnic with the family . Facilities at the lake already quite complete from toilets , food stalls , souvenir shops until the benches overlooking the lake .
Administratively , the lake is located in the two villages, the Village and the Village Coat Coat Sari Jaya , District Tambun , Bekasi .

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